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What If I Told You There's A Better Way To Fast-Track Your Way To Your First (and next) 100k Followers with Instagram Reels...

What if I told you, you could achieve this without:

🚫 Following trends
🚫 Trending audios
🚫 Dancing or lip syncing
🚫 Ads
🚫 Shoutouts
🚫 Thirst traps

And what if I told you that this works in literally ANY niche and industry? Everything from ice baths to music shops to funeral homes - yep, everything.

Would you give it a go? (if that's a yes, keep reading... if that's a no, I've heard

After almost a decade of failing as a creator, I finally cracked the code.

I stumbled across this method accidentally in 2021 after posting daily TikToks for 185 days.

Over the course of 8 months I gained 30k followers documenting my daily rollerblading journey, which slowly started turning into a valid career path.

📈 Then I started a fresh account documenting my homesteading journey and gained 30k in 3 weeks.

📈 Then I took a clients account from 1.6k to 100k in 6 weeks.

Then I decided to implement what I'd learnt into my homesteading/food account.

I started documenting my journey healing my gut and health issues with the Carnivore Diet for 30 days (you can peep that series here).

I was getting a bit of traction on TikTok, but decided to non-chalantly threw the videos up on Instagram,

What happened next BLEW MY MIND.

Not only did my TikTok take off... but I gained over 144k followers on Instagram in <80 days!

All because of this special formula of creating a 'viral series'.

I call it 'The Signature Series Method'.

Once I figured out what I'd actually done, I started seeing it EVERYWHERE on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, even Facebook.

There are hundreds of top creators, marketers and business owners that skyrocketed their success using this method - but NOBODY was teaching it.

None of the social media gurus I followed were talking about it. Most were still talking about following trends 🤦‍♂️

So I decided to start teaching it to others. One of my friends gain over 590k followers in 72 days. Someone else gained 64k followers (with FB reels) in 3 months.

I knew I was onto something, so I put together this course to share with you everything I learnt.

The crazy thing is though, it's not just us that this method has worked for. Dozens of accounts started using his specific formula (he made mine even better) and were gaining 10's of thousands of followers in short time-frames and carving a career for themselves.

Imagine you had this kind of traffic and eyeballs into your business? How would that change your life?

That's one of the reasons we put this course together.

I saw business owners wasting time making social media posts that get nowhere, and not reaching the people that needed their products/services.

Here's how most people and businesses create content:

👎 Spray + Pray. 
👎 Copy what other people are doing without knowing why it works.
👎 Try and figure it out themselves.
👎 With the intention to go viral (we don't focus on creating individual viral videos, but rather a viral series).

I am sick of seeing this happen, and want to extend our expertise to help you shorten your learning curve and actually get results with your content.

With my Signature Series method, you can smash things out of the ball park and get the success on socials that you deserve!

This is perfect for you if:
✅ You're a creator, influencer, business owner or personal brand
✅ You're sick of putting loads of time and effort into posting videos and getting 200-300 views per post
✅ You work for a business or brand and want a surefire way to make you look really good when you show the numbers to your boss
✅ You want more followers, engagement, community, connections and sales

Keep reading to learn more about the course and what's inside...

Meet Your Instructor 

We are two buddies living on other sides of the world that met in a 6 week YouTuber creator course 2 years ago.

As you know, I successfully grew my following and quit freelancing, and saw that he was still stuck in a job he hated.

So I taught him my methodology, and supported him with kickstarting his series.

But he didn't reach 400k people in 90 days. Nope. He more than doubled my results! 1.2 million followers on a brand new account in 90 days.

We both started creating our own seperate courses to share what we learnt, then joined forces to create what we're calling 'Social Speedrun', to help people speedrun their social media accounts so they can grow their businesses and help more people.


Howdy, I'm Jesse 

I'm a husband, father of 3 and a full-time content creator based in Texas, USA. I'm blessed to do what I do, inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves - just by showing up everyday.

I've always wanted to be a creator, and have had multiple attempts at doing it full-time.

It wasn't until I started working with Rory and implemented his Signature Series Strategy into my own content that things really took off for me.

I put my own twist and spin on his formula, and was able to more than double his results in less time than him - which created a 'healthy' level of competition between us as friends and creators.

Introducing The Ultimate Reels Course

AKA everything I have learnt from gaining a silly amount of followers in a short amount of time, and how you can too.

But seriously though, the amount of eyeballs you can create on your brand in such a short space of time is ridiculous. This is like cheat codes to make it happen. What this can do to your business can be life changing.

If you would like to fast-track growing your brand online with short-form video (specifically IG), then this course would probably be a good idea to buy. If you're keen, then keep reading to find out more...

Skip Everything And Join The Course

What's Inside The 'Ultimate Reels Course'?

This is my signature course that gives you the knowledge, skills and strategy to blow up your brand with Reels (plus bonus trainings on TikToks & Shorts)

Think: more engagement, more followers, more sales, more sponsorships. 

In it we focus on Instagram but also cover the core 4 platforms. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube... because repurposing your videos to another platform could totally change the game.

For example, I started out trying to crush it on TikTok, but Instagram became my strongest platform not in numbers but in core audience.

I put together this extensive training so that you may short-cut your learning curve to getting great results with short-form video content.

It's an evergreen course, which means you can jump in at anytime and binge through the content.

I'll be constantly updating and adding new content in 2024 too!

PLUS - IF YOU WANT... You can literally download everything from this course, reupload it into your own course platform and sell it at 100% profit. That's right! It's called Master Reselling Rights, I'll talk more about that in a min!

Modules & Lessons

Module 1:

✅ Learn my mindset strategies behind creating successful content, and how to set yourself up for success before you even think about turning on the camera.
✅ Discover the true purpose of short-form video, and how to effectively use it in your business' funnel.
✅ Uncover different strategies to monetise using short-form video

Module 2:
Understanding Instagram

✅ Uncover the the algorithm for Instagram (plus YT, FB and TT)
✅ Learn the difference between the cultures and audiences of each platform
✅ Understand the For You Page, Instagram Feed, YouTube Shorts Shelf
✅ Learn how to create for Instagram and repurpose for the other platforms

Module 3:
Research What's Working

✅ Don't re-invent the wheel... we teach you how to find what is working in your niche, in adjacent niches, and in general.
✅ How to spot trends, social hacking opportunities and more to position yourself for success
✅ Learn our 'deep-research' patterns with a seasoned account for Instagram, plus TikTok and YouTube.

Module 4:
How To Make A 'Good Video'

✅ Discover how to make the best videos possible using our anatomy of a good video
✅ Hooks, Pay Offs, Dopamine Hits, Storytelling, Isms/Quirks, Calls To Action, Delivering on The Promise, Sound Design, Hashtags, Captions, Comments, Crowd Control & Engagement, Packaging etc.

Module 5:
The Signature Series Method

✅ We go in depth into our 'Signature Series Method' responsible for our tens of millions of views and hundreds of thousands of followers.
✅ Hundreds of people are using this method, but nobody is teaching it the way we are. Get ahead of others in your niche by leveraging this 'cheat-code'.
✅ The power of 'series-stacking'

Module 6:
Creating Your Videos

✅ Learn how to effectively record good looking videos. Everything from framing to equipment, with different examples of video types - from vlogs, to food videos, reaction vids + more
✅ Scriptwriting basics
✅ Planning your video production
✅ Bulk/Batch producing your videos
✅ DIY vs Hiring
✅ How to make faceless videos
✅ Camera confidence

Module 7:
Editing & Publishing

✅ Learn basic editing on programs like Final Cut Pro, CapCut, TikTok & Instagram
✅ Jesse & I break down our most viral videos and our though processes behind it. 
✅ How to find & hire editors
✅ Adding captions/subtitles to your videos
✅ How to publish your video to multiple platforms effectively

Module 8:
Analyse & Adjust

✅ Learn how to analyse the performance of your videos across IG, YT & TT... and then how to tweak/adjust your videos to make them 1% better next time.
✅ This step is crucial to understand what's working and not with your content, so you can get non-biased statistics on how to be a better marketer/creator

Bonuses And Much More...

Bonus masterclasses and lessons from Jesse & I covering topics such as:
✅ Jesse's Road to 1 Million
✅ Frequently Asked Questions
✅ How to use IG stories effectively to build connection, entertain & sell
✅ 100's of Hook Ideas, Video Ideas, Captions, Hashtags, Calls To Actions, examples of successful series and more!

Social Speedrun Community

For the remainder of 2024, you will get access to an exclusive community hub.

Inside this group you'll also get:
✅ Weekly alternating calls with Rory & Jesse
✅ Access to feedback on your content from Rory, Jesse & the community
✅ Challenges
✅ Prizes for performance
✅ Community accountability
✅  Works on Desktop, iOS and Android

For those desiring connection, community, accountability and MOMENTUM. Choose this option!

📈 Bonus: 100k in 100 Days Challenge

For anybody that joins our community, you will also be a part of our 100k in 100 days challenge.

Together, dozens of people will be joining forces to race to their first (or next) 100k followers.

Join us for daily & weekly accountability, and prizes for people who hit the milestone.

Each week - top performing, most improved and most committed creators will win 1:1 consults with Jesse & I.

The person who has the biggest transformation and follower growth will win the grand prize!

Kickstart off the first half of 2024 right, and have an epic audience you can market to and serve for the rest of 2024.

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