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Here is a list of different products, electrolytes, supplements, books, kitchen tools, softwares, practitioners etc that I use and recommend for your health journey!

Supplements & Food

These are some of my favourite food and companies. Integrity of product, company and vision is important to me - and I only recommend products I personally use. I use most of these almost daily and HIGHLY recommend using them to fuel + nourish your body.

Sodii Hydration:  Electrolytes

Electrolytes are crucial especially if you’re active, on Carnivore, recovering from illness, need to hydrate or are a human that wants to continue existing 😂

I’ve tried a few brands and Sodii is my favourite, plus they are Australian based which is even better. They’ve got 1000mg of Sodium, 210mg of Potassium and 70mg of Magnesium, which is the perfect blend for optimal hydration.

They gave me a 15% off coupon for your first order – just use ‘RORYSKITCHEN’

Get Hydrated!

Barbell Foods:
Biltong & Meat Sticks

These guys literally do THE BEST grass-fed biltong and meat sticks in ALL of Australia. No cap. Ong.

I've searched high and low, and nothing comes close to the taste and quality that these guys are putting out.

They're also regenerative agriculture advocates which is the key to my heart.

Get 10% off with my code 'RB10' when you order online.

Snack Attack

Ancestral Nutrition: Organ Supplements

When pursuing an animal-based diet... not everyone has the time, interest or sometimes stomach to handle making fresh liver and organ supplements daily.

But they are THE most nutrient dense foods on the planet. 

Supplementing with grass-fed & finished organ supplements like beef liver, kidney, heart etc. is a darn convenient way to get a daily dose.

Highly recommend these guys!

Nourish Yourself

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