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Why I'm Rebranding from Rory's Kitchen to Rory Bland

rory's kitchen Apr 26, 2023


This blog is for my Rory's Kitchen pals!

There are some big changes coming in about 2 weeks to the direction of Rory’s Kitchen, my channel, the content I share, all that jazz.

Not that it's really going to affect you at all, but it feels like a big deal to me so I'm gonna make it a big deal lol. I guess it helps me process it by writing it all out and sharing it too.

Also from a SEO/media perspective it's good to have all this out there because there are lots of people still searching for my stuff.

Firstly, I’m rebranding, or re-‘blanding’ from Rory’s Kitchen to my full name - Rory Bland on all platforms, including my website.


The healing journey goes beyond just what we eat and is a very holistic journey that includes so many things…

With ‘Kitchen’ on the end, I felt limited in what I could share - and felt there were certain expectations that because it had ‘kitchen’ on the end that people would expect to see only food content.

Sure I could have stuck with the food content if I was just a food creator, but if you’ve been following my journey in my stories and these newsletters - you’ll know there’s a whole lot to me than just bland unseasoned boiled meat water 😂

Probably all illusionary and self-imposed limitations, but nonetheless… I felt like it was important for me to make this change so I could expand what I talk about.

So, moving forward, food will not be the sole focus of what I am doing… but rather a part of it.

There will also no longer be weekly recipes or a blog in the way that there was.

I’m still navigating what that will look like… but I will most likely share something from someone else that I’m loving/my family is loving, or if I made a food video recipe then it will be that.

So when it comes to food stuff - the best place to find it will be on my YouTube or Instagram.

My main focus in terms of content I’m creating will be videos/posts on social media and writing these emails.

My website moving forward will be (this site, which is still a work in progress) but tbh all the best stuff will be in my IG stories, YouTube and in the newsletter (sign up at

I’ll be making a video on my YouTube very soon about my grand goals and vision too - and will include that here/update the post.

I will of course continue to share about my gut healing/brain healing/personal growth - it will just be in a different and even better way!

Here’s what you can expect from me moving forward in the emails (if you're on the email list, which you should be):

Not much.

Just kidding…

I’ll be sharing on topics such as:

  • Gut/Brain healing

  • GAPS Diet & Animal-Based Eating

  • Personal Growth

  • Biohacking

  • Sustainability

  • Energy

  • Mental health

  • Holistic Health/Healing

  • Regenerative Agriculture

  • At times the BTS of running a creator business and eventually a regenerative farm empire.

  • and even start dabbling little bits of spiritual insights/wisdom nuggets that I’m picking up in my travels.

Basically... all the things I’m interested in, and packaging them up into interesting concepts and things.

If that’s not what you signed up for - I totally get it.

If you are only interested in gut related stuff and recipes… then you might like what I am launching much later this year which is a new company and thing focused exclusively on gut/brain health.

You're welcome to join the waitlist for that here.

So yeah... the format will be very similar to how it’s been, but you’ll see how it pans out moving forward.

Anyway if you’ve got anything you are really hanging out to know/see etc that I haven’t covered please let me know and I’ll do my best to accomodate.

Appreciate you all coming along for this journey…

And here’s to Rory’s Kitchen 2.0 aka Rory Bland.


p.s. Oh and you might see RK pop up here and there with Reels, maybe some videos on a seperate channel or IG when I feel like it. I'm not getting rid of it forever, it has just become a side-project now.

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