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Eat, Laugh & Be Inspired!

Follow Rory Bland 'The Whole Food Dude' on his epic quest to make health & happiness FUN, change the world and live a life beyond bland. launching soon...

Don't be fooled by my name, I'm anything but BLAND. 

I'm a video creator, wellness advocate, happiness addict and I LOVE to make people LAUGH.

Most people know me as 'The Whole Food Dude' online because I made all these cool funny YouTube videos about health, and had a cranking Facebook page sharing cool health tips & exposing the unhealthy world we live in.

Almost 10 years ago my dad passed away from a heart attack, and that sent me on a wild journey to discover the secrets to health, happiness and life. I soon realised that there was more to life than what we were taught growing up.

This journey led me into living in a yoga retreat for 8 months, to studying nutrition & holistic health & natural therapies, to fruit picking in the middle of summer in Australia, to working in health food stores, starting my first online business and traveling around the country sharing my story amongst leaders in the wellness industry and inspiring people to Eat, Laugh & Be Inspired.

Now my new home is coming soon right here at and we'll continue the journey from here together.

I'm super pumped to share with you great & hilarious videos, inspiring interviews with leaders in the world, recipes, health tips and sooooo much more.

Plus most importantly I'm here to empower you to create a life worth... snapchatting/vlogging/whatever your poison is ;) 

My intention is that your life is better after having watched my videos, read my blog or listened to my content.

Let's rise up, become the best version of ourselves and change the world together.

Cheers to your Health!

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I'm a kick butt Video & Content strategist and love helping my clients tell & sell their stories online.

I also love working with people who are looking for breakthroughs in their own health - especially skin, lung & gut health.

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